Zerorez Austin Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning

With so many different carpet cleaning companies and methods each with unique cleaning chemicals, it can be difficult to decipher who has us, the consumers, in mind. Zerorez employs only the latest, state-of-the-art technology to not just clean, but guarantee results well beyond their competition. The Zerorez carpet cleaning service in Austin serves the entire Austin area and is centered around safe, healthy living for us, without compromising on cleaning results.


Before ever stepping into your living environment, Zerorez carpet cleaners experience rigorous training on both proprietary Zerorez methodology and industry standards taught by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification).


Zerorez carpet cleaners will begin their service call by doing a thorough walk-through on the job. Carpet fibers will be identified during this time. They will also inspect your carpet and note problem areas that may need to be addressed during cleaning, along with other potential issues that could be compromising your living environment.

Cleaning Challenge

Before just jumping into their cleaning, Zerorez technicians will perform a “Zerorez Challenge” to make sure we will be satisfied with the final carpet cleaning results. This gives us the opportunity to avoid any surprises and know exactly what the results will look like without any cost, risk, or obligation.


In an industry known for bait and switch, Zerorez does everything possible to avoid anything that even appears as such. Prior to commencing any carpet cleaning service a firm quote will be provided for all work that has been contracted. If there are surprises at the end of the service, Zerorez provides a price guarantee that simply removes the item from the invoice so we don’t have to pay for them.

Green Cleaning

Zerorez carpet cleaning is focused on providing effective cleaning with safe, non-toxic solutions. As a leader in green cleaning technology, their pre-spray is OMRI listed. OMRI stands for “Organic Materials Review Institute” and is the highest standard when it comes to anything organic. Not only is this pre-spray safe, it also contains no soaps, detergents, or surfactants in order to provide the highest standard: no residue carpet cleaning. The cleaning process is also Platinum rated by the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Seal of Approval program (CRI Platinum SOA).


To gain even more cleaning action and avoid over-wetting the carpet, Zerorez works in the pre-spray, on needed areas, using a carpet rake. Think of it as rubbing our hands together when we wash them, or scrubbing a pan that has baked on food. This allows the pre-spray to work and become active on more soils and get them into suspension for removal.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Our carpet is now ready to be rinsed of pre-spray by Zerorez’s proprietary Empowered Water technology. Empowered Water is virtually as safe as water; yet contains more cleaning power than the harshest, cleaning chemicals carpet manufacturers will allow, without voiding our carpet’s warranties. Essentially it is just water mixed with electricity that not only cleans, but also sanitizes our carpets without any additional toxic chemicals being left in the carpet. The result is fresh, clean, fluffy carpet, free of any residues.


If specific spotting is necessary for certain stains, Zerorez carpet cleaners are trained and prepared to handle virtually any cleaning situation. This includes things like pet odor removal, coffee stains, blood stains, red stains, make-up stains, or any other number of stains that occur during life. If cleaning can’t do the job other options are available like spot dyeing or even patching.


No carpet cleaning service is complete without a plan to get the carpet dry. From the design of the trucks and vacuum, with precision settings for cleaning temperatures and pressures, to the understanding of fibers in the carpet and the application of cleaning solutions, Zerorez begins cleaning with the end in mind: dry, deep cleaned, fresh carpet.


We don’t need to worry about wasting our hard earned money with Zerorez. Zerorez offers an industry leading guarantee to ensure satisfaction on every carpet cleaning service. With 30 days to live and enjoy our carpet after cleaning, Zerorez stands behind their work and will return and re-service if any cleaning issues should arise or be noticed even after the service call.