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Zerorez Products

Air Purifier

The EPA has listed indoor air quality as one of the top five environmental risks to public health. Most consumer-brand air cleaners fail to meet the government standards necessary for their claims.

ZEROREZ® is proud to offer an FDA Class II medical device that cleans AND purifies the air in your home or office.

Anti-Microbial Protectant

Our proprietary, multi-surface protectant is EPA approved, and provides lasting protection. Applied as a protective barrier to high risk surfces such as countertops, toilet seats, door knobs, and other hard surfaces, particularly in the kitchen and bathroom it can significantly reduce the risk of sickness in your home.

In addition, the protectant inhibits harmful microbes for up to six months. It's like a layer of tiny spikes that attract and puncture germ molecules. During this time, regular cleaning prevents buildup over the coating so that it can continue to eliminate all germs that touch it effectively.

Cleaner Answer

A true 'green clean' is difficult to find. While being environmentally responsponsible has merit, few 'green' products have proven to clean very well - except now.

The Cleaner Answer® mixed with proper amounts of Empowered Water™ has been been a break through for a true GREEN clean.

FDA, USDA, NSF and EPA approved, The Cleaner Answer® works on glass and mirrors, and all types of hard surfaces (granite, laminate, tile, stone, stainless steel, plastic, etc).

Furnace Filter

We provide lifetime Electrostatic Filters, which every home should have.

Clean air products promote a healthy living environment. With clean filters and clean air ducts, ZEROREZ® can help keep your indoor environment safe and clean.

Hand Sanitizer

Germ Free 24 is a revolutionary hand cleaner that breaks with tradition. One spray literally lasts all day. No more do you have to constantly remember to reapply to your hands and your children's hands every moment you touch something. When you send them off to school in the morning you can be confident that their hands will be just as germ free just like the moment they left home.

Germ Free 24 works by forming an invisible, protective film around your skin, that continues to kill germs, bacteria, fungus, and viruses all day long. At the same time it nourishes and allows the skin to breath freely. The antimicrobial coating lasts by creating a long lasting bond to the skin that doesn't come off, with even washing your hands. Only as your skin naturally sloughs off, do you need to reapply the hand cleaner.

Most hand cleaners work at that moment. They work by poisoning the microbes with alcohol. Alcohol, however, dries out the skin and lasts only while it is still wet. Once dry, microbes and germs will begin to flourish once again. Germ Free 24 kills germs differently. It works by actually puncturing the cell walls and killing the cells "mechanically" not "chemically". The result is a much safer, non-toxic, longer lasting hand cleaner that eliminates the need to worry and to remember to reapply cleaner all day long.

Germ Free 24 is available through Zerorez. Call to order. 214-37-CLEAN (214-372-5326)

Germ Free 24 Provides:

  • Less worry.
  • Constant protection for 24 hours.
  • Germ Free hands.Softer hands. Plus it will not dry them out.