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Is Commercial Carpet Replacement in Your Future?

Is Commercial Carpet Replacement in Your Future?

The cleanliness of a business office says a lot about the company. But keeping commercial carpets clean that are walked on with dirty shoes from employees and customers each day can be a hard task if not done correctly.

Problems You May Be Facing

There are a variety of issues that you may be facing concerning your commercial carpet. Those issues could range from not understanding what is causing your carpet to become so dirty to wondering if it can be fixed with a commercial carpet cleaning or if it needs to be replaced.

Where are those stains coming from, and will they ever come out? With traditional carpet cleaning methods, detergents and harsh chemicals are often left behind, which act like magnets for collecting dirt. The sticky particles left behind in your carpet after a traditional commercial carpet cleaning are often the cause of recurring stains and dark spots that appear across the floor.

Should we replace our commercial carpet? Or hire a commercial carpet cleaning service?For those of you who feel you may be faced with commercial carpet replacement in the near future due to poor maintenance practices, we invite you to call us for a free, no-cost consultation and possible test-cleaning. There are many stains and spots that may look impossible to get out that our unique Zerorez cleaning process will be able to get out for you. Before you decide to replace all the flooring in your office, let our professionals take a look and determine if we can save you the money and hassle by fixing your problems with our commercial carpet cleaning service.

When could a commercial carpet cleaner even come? We can't close business for a day. This is a serious concern for many people contemplating having their office carpet cleaned. We understand that you cannot close up shop for a whole day just to have the floors cleaned, so we are willing to work around your schedule. If your office closes at 5 pm, we will come after that. If you need us to come at 11 pm, we will be there. It doesn't matter what time of day you need us to come. We will start cleaning your carpets once the building is vacant. Because our drying times are up to 2x faster than competing commercial carpet cleaning companies, we can ensure that your floors will be ready to go before the start of the next business day.

How long will the carpet stay clean after a commercial carpet cleaning? Since our Zerorez® cleaning process does not use any harsh chemicals or soaps, your carpets remain clean and stain-free much longer than any other solution.

The Best Commercial Carpet Cleaner in Austin - Zerorez®

Our patented commercial carpet cleaning service improves your work spaces. Poor maintenance practices increase wear and decrease commercial carpet life. With Zerorez®, there is no soap, no detergents, and no harsh chemicals. We use our own alkaline water solution. Your business gets less disruption, less spending over time, and more results. The Zerorez® commercial cleaning system is perfect for doctors and dentist offices, daycare centers, gyms, churches, corporate buildings, and other facilities where germ and residue-free cleaning is critical.

Not all commercial carpet cleaning services are equal. Zerorez® doesn't just move dirt around - we actually remove it. That's why the nation's largest carpet manufacturer calls us to solve their toughest cleaning challenges. You, too, can count on Zerorez®.