Commercial Carpet Cleaning Done Right

Over 1536 commercial and 32,046 residential friends agree…

  • “ I love the environmental concept. I have dogs and they did a number on some carpet spots. Now my home smells clean and fresh. Their pricing is very reasonable as well! ”

    Marion R. – October 2017

  • “ The carpet cleaning got my carpet cleaner than I ever thought it could! Some of the stains the cleaning was able to get out had been sitting for several years and they're gone now! ”

    Brandy B. – September 2017

  • “ The friendliness of the employees, follow up reminders, the smell of the products used to steam clean the carpet, and the minimalist time for the carpet to dry. ”

    Cindy R. – September 2017



You will discover that the patented Empowered Water process outperforms traditional cleaning methods by eliminating the use of dirt attracting soaps and harsh chemicals. This means your carpets will experience better performance and longevity, ensuring your get the most out of your carpets investment.

Tile & Grout

You will enjoy residue free tile & grout cleaning for on hard surfaces as well. With no soaps or harsh chemicals, your tile & grout will be free of dirt attracting residues. Bottom line is your floors will remain cleaner longer.

Premium Protectants

You can choose what protectant needs you and your facility needs. Whether you need to guard against biological issues, uv fading, soil, staining, or abrasion you are covered by zerorez’ arsenal of protectants.

What makes zerorez different

Empowered Water

Your carpets will stay cleaner longer when you choose Empowered Water over traditional soaps & chemicals.

Customer Relationship

You are looking for a reliable company that will take away stress and not add to it. You can count on zerorez to show up and deliver professional service for the long run.

Professional Crew

You will benefit from a properly trained crew who is dedicated in working to meet your facilities individual needs. Your facility will be in good hands because the zerorez crew will complement your team’s efforts for safety, results, and efficiency.

Commercial Cleaning In Austin TX

Keeping the carpets clean in your commercial property can feel like a full-time job. If you have heavy traffic, it seems like your carpet gets dirty faster than you can keep it clean. When you rely on a professional carpet cleaning company to take care of this for you, it gives you more time to focus on the other areas of your business.

Professional Carpet Cleaners Without Harmful Chemicals

Carpets in professional buildings already take a beating from time to time. They get more traffic than residential carpets, and they don’t always receive the care that people might give to their own property. Spills aren’t cleaned as thoroughly, and even the best nightly maintenance crews occasionally miss spots. If your maintenance crew uses chemical cleaning products to clean your carpets, they may be leaving behind a residue that harms your carpet over time.

Abrasive chemicals wear on the fabric of your carpet, which means you don’t get as long before your next costly replacement. Help reverse the damage by relying on Zerorez and our residue-free process. We’re committed to bringing newer, safer, and more effective technology to your Austin carpet cleaning options. We use Empowered Water technology to create a deep, lasting clean with absolutely no residue.

This technology penetrates all the way to the base of your carpet. That means your carpet will be purified of all bacteria and smell in addition to looking better on the surface. Our process is gentle on the fabric of your carpet, prolonging its life and protecting your warranty. Carpet manufacturers endorse our method because they know it’s the right way to treat their product.

Fast Drying Commercial Carpet Cleaners

One of the best things about the innovative Zerorez process is that it allows you to reduce the downtime for your business. Chemical cleaners require that the carpet be totally rinsed off afterward to minimize health risks and damage to the fabric. Saturating the carpet like that can make it so no one is able to walk on your floors for days. Zerorez gets a pristine clean in a fraction of the time so you can keep your business open.

Carpet Cleaning Service Austin, TX

Commercial carpet cleaning services keep your building looking and smelling great. This adds value to your property and keeps your residents or employees happy. Most commercial carpet cleaners in Austin leave residues that can be harmful to your carpet and anyone that comes in contact with it. For professional carpet cleaning without harmful chemicals, contact Zerorez today.

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